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ACI-18 venue: The Australian Synchrotron

ACI-18 venue: The Australian Synchrotron, a facility of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.

The 2018 Advanced Composites Innovation Conference will be held at the Australian Synchrotron, a world-class national research facilityAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation - Australian Synchrotron in the Monash Research Precinct in Clayton, Victoria.  View on Google Maps.

The Synchrotron uses accelerator technology to produce a powerful source of light – x-rays and infrared radiation – a million times brighter than the sun. It is one of five facilities of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.

The Australian Synchrotron supports a broad range of high quality research, with applications in sectors relevant to composites including:

Defence: enabling study of the sub-atomic nature of materials, sensors and heavy metals.

Manufacturing: investigating the structure and characterisation of alloys, catalysts, fibres, textiles, adhesives, polymers, plastics, surfaces, interfaces and coatings; and analysing stresses in engineered components.

The facility has ten different experimental stations, or beamlines, which harness the generated powerful light so researchers can see the fundamental structure and composition of materials, on scales ranging from the atomic to the macroscopic – with a level of detail, speed and accuracy not possible in conventional laboratories.

Guests attending the conference Welcome Reception will enjoy an exclusive tour the facility.