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Keynote: The people and the process to manufacture hardware

Presented by keynote speaker:  Dr Leslie J. Cohen, Senior Vice President, New Business Development & Strategic Technology, HITCO


HITCO is a build to print composite manufacturer of both primary and secondary civil and military aircraft, space transportation launch vehicles and hypersonic re-entry vehicles.  In the past seven years we made a journey from a 100% build to print hand lay up production company to a fully automated ATL, AFP, Drape forming ability to make more than 10,000 primary structure beams, stringers and wing skin structures along with complex hand layup hardware.

There are many aspects of this transformation and journey – each with its own specifics and lessons learned. Dr Cohen will share two major aspects of this journey which directly drive HITCO’s ability to make the hardware for the customer – The People and The Process To Manufacture Hardware.


Dr. Leslie Jay Cohen is Senior Vice President, New Business Development & Strategic Technology. Dr. Cohen joined HITCO in 2001. He served for 31 years at McDonnell Douglas where he held positions of increasing responsibility in Technology Operations and Business Development. As a senior director, he directed all business development for MDAC in the Russian Federation. He has published over 50 papers on advanced composite design and development. A lecturer in advanced composites. Dr Cohen has been awarded the USSR Gold Medal for Science and Technology and the Judd Hall Award for Manufacturing of Composites. He is a Foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a SAMPE Fellow. He is a recipient of the prestigious George Lubin Award for excellence in composites from SAMPE. He holds B.S, M.S., and Ph D. degrees from Carnegie Mellon University, plus a Fulbright Post Doctoral at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology specialising in structures and materials.

Read Dr Cohen’s biography on the Carnegie Mellon University website …