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Tech-clinic on U.S. Army Protective Materials for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Soldiers

20 September 2012

Visit to Melbourne by Dr James Zheng, Chief Scientist for Project Manager – Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment, Program Executive Office – United States Army.

Renowned for being at the forefront in the development of combat body armour, Zheng will discuss “U.S. Army Protective Materials for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Soldiers.” His presentation will review new trends related to combat uniform textiles and protective materials. Zheng holds three patents and has published more than 40 scientific papers in his field.

 His responsibility is to develop better soldier protective equipment, which involves research and development, military equipment specifications, technical oversight for soldier equipment procurement, and further improvements on soldier equipments. His presentation will cover the fundamental sciences and research, advanced testing methodologies, novel material development and modelling and simulation. He will focus on advanced materials, such as textiles, fibres, fabrics, composites and ceramics.

 Zheng, who has a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Purdue University, is stationed at Fort Belvoir, Va. He is a recipient of the Army’s “Greatest Innovation Award” for developing the Department of Defence’s current standard body armour system.  In addition to his “Greatest Invention Award” for developing the Interceptor Multiple Threat Body Armour for the U.S. Army, Zheng is a 2009 recipient of the “Program Manager of the Year” award from the Office of the Secretary of Defence. Booking can be made at this link.