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Tag Archives: Automotive

Carbon Revolution – Geelong start-up to supplying “the most technically advanced wheel on the planet”

Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on 6 March 2018, Ferrari’s remarkable 488 Pista featured a set of optional 20-inch carbon fibre wheels made by Carbon Revolution in Geelong. The beautiful aerodynamically efficient supercar was already 91kg lighter than its predecessors, and by using Carbon Revolution wheels, Ferrari was able to save an additional 40%…

Henkel – Developing high performance bonding technologies

As manufacturers worldwide look to reduce weight to overcome increasing fuel costs, reduce emissions and improve manufacturing processes, they find themselves challenged to set aside the mindset that has dictated traditional material and process choices and to look openly at new and emerging technologies. This includes adhesives and other joining options. Today, each passenger vehicle…

Manufacturing excellence award for carbon fibre wheel innovator

Congratulations to Dr Ashley Denmead, Engineering and Design Director with Geelong-based Carbon Revolution, who was awarded the 2016 Victorian Young Manufacturer of the Year by the Victorian government recognising his exemplary contribution to manufacturing.