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Tag Archives: Aerospace

Composites in Space – Gilmour Space Technologies

Just north of the Gold Coast is Gilmour Space Technologies, a venture-funded Australian rocket company developing new capabilities for launching small satellites into space. Founded by two brothers in 2013, this startup is now one of Australia’s leading space companies pioneering new and innovative hybrid propulsion technologies with the goal of providing lower cost access…

Industry award for innovative composite flight simulator

Congratulations to SynFlyt, the Australian company formed to develop, manufacture and commercialise an economical flight simulator for pilot training. The company has earned the Manufacturer’s Monthly 2016 Endeavour Award in the Outstanding Start-Up category. The Synflyt story demonstrates Australia’s innovation capability, marrying technology with composites to develop an innovative high-tech simulator for pilot training schools, large and small….

Nature’s secrets lead award winning research into high performance metal-composite joints

  Research mimicing the way biological systems such as the English Ivy plant  join dissimilar materials has led to an innovative solution for high performance metal-composite joints, and  earned the RMIT research team the Advanced Composites Structures Society Best Paper Award at the 2016 Advanced Composites Innovation Conference in Melbourne. Dr Adrian Orifici, an Associate Professor in the School…

NASA’s new composites technology

Date issued: 4 March, 2013 Under the leadership of Mr John Vickers, an engineering team at the Materials and Processes Laboratory, NASA, has devised an enormous 10 metre wide moulded cryotank from ultra-light weight, strong and non-corrosive ‘composite’ materials as a revolutionary new hydrogen fuel tank with the potential to be used for NASA’s heavy-lift…