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Support for entry to Asian markets

9 December 2014

Australia’s composite transformative technologies are being showcased to Asian markets in an initiative funded by Austrade as part of the Asian Business Engagement Plan.

Led by Composites Australia and with the support of the Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Composite Structures (CRC-ACS), the initiative seeks to improve Australian business links into Asia.

“With the support of Austrade we are focusing on profiling Australia’s advanced composites manufacturing technologies, including advanced materials, in the Malaysian and Indonesian markets,” said Composites Australia Executive Manager Kerryn Caulfield.

“Activities include a trade mission for export-ready Australian advanced composites companies and R&D organisations to meet with peak industry bodies in those target markets. The initiative is targeting the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, infrastructure and ground transport sectors in both countries.”

The program began in October with the Indonesian and Malaysian trade commissions developing background data on the size, scope, prospects and policies for each of the market sectors.

“Composites Australia and the CRC-ACS will be working closely with the Trade Commissioners in Malaysia and Indonesia to match the capabilities of Australian advanced composites manufacturers and research organisations with identified opportunities,” Ms Caulfield said.

“We believe there are opportunities for innovative Australian composites companies to enter Asian markets that are looking for solutions that will deliver on their objectives. It could be components for low cost green cars, materials and technology to manufacture creative bridge design or prefabricated homes, or technology to detect and repair failing infrastructure in the oil and gas sector. These are all areas in which Australian composite companies have proven expertise. With the help of Austrade this project will identify opportunities to match this expertise with Asian market needs.

“We are extremely fortunate to have the advice, expertise and support of the trade commissioners in formulating our approach to the market and facilitating the meetings with decision-makers for peak industry bodies in both countries,” Ms Caulfield said.

More information
The findings of this Austrade research will be presented to the composites industry at a half-day seminar in Melbourne on Wednesday, 18 February 2015. Seminar details and registration are available here ….