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Felco’s truck and semi-trailer mounted bulk liquid haulage tankers
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Advanced Composite Bulk Liquid Road Tankers – Felco Manufacturing (QLD)

Felco Manufacturing based in Toowoomba, Queensland, stands as one of the most experienced and respected manufacturers of composite bulk liquid transport tankers in Australia. For over 40 years, it has produced and deployed hundreds of tankers for use in road watering and dust suppression operations, as well as for the bulk transport of heavy, dense and corrosive liquids.

An iconic Mack Titian three-trailer Australian road train.
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The evolution towards improved performance – Marky Industries (QLD)

The core of Marky’s business focus has been on serving the transport industry with quality and efficiency for many decades. From bonnets and sleeper boxes to dash assemblies and engine covers for a range of transport manufacturers including Mack, Volvo, Iveco, Ford, Western Star, Navistar, and Cat Trucks, Marky produces products that marry materials, form and durable function.

Maxitrans - The MaxiTRANS portfolio of trailer brands is united by their origins in the pioneering efforts of their founders who had a collective dedication to manufacturing in Australia.
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Composites transforming refrigerated transport – MAXITRANS (VIC)

MaxiTRANS, renowned for its extensive portfolio of trailer brands including Freighter, Hamelex White, Maxi-CUBE, Lusty EMS, Trout River and AZMEB, stands as a foundational mainstay within Australia’s road transport history. These brands, each with its unique heritage tracing back to various decades last century, are united by their origins in the pioneering efforts of their founders who had a collective dedication to manufacturing in Australia.

2023 Australasian Truck of the Year, the Kenworth K220
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Transforming heavy transport component manufacturing – Bolwell Corporation (VIC)

With a design and manufacturing legacy spanning over six decades, the Bolwell Corporation continues to shape the future of the automotive and transport industries, reinforcing its position as an icon of Australian entrepreneurial spirit and engineering excellence. The company’s workforce is justifiably proud of their involvement with the 2023 Australasian Truck of the Year award.

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Composites – the great enabler for transport aerodynamics – Aerotrans Australia (VIC)

Fuel price fluctuations pose a significant challenge for the trucking industry to overcome. Improving a truck’s aerodynamics directly enhances its efficiency and fuel savings by mitigating aerodynamic resistance, a force that escalates exponentially with speed. This resistance is a primary consumer of energy, notably affecting the fuel economy of heavy-duty trucks on motorways

Bitumen Boeing
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Nosecone Australia/Ryman Composites (NSW)

Prior to the widespread implementation of automated speed camera systems in the late 1980s the trucking landscape was dramatically different. Described by Chris Ryman as the “Wild West,” trucks, colloquially known as ‘Bitumen Boeings,’ often reached speeds up to 180 miles per hour (289.68 kilometres per hour), navigating the vast and often lawless highways of Australia.

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The Whiskey Project Group – Next Generation Tactical Water Craft

The Whiskey Project Group (TWPG) has secured a significant contract valued at US$12.5 million (approximately AU$19.4 million) with the United States Defence Innovation Unit to supply a fleet of tactical watercraft for use by the United States Marine Corps (USMC).