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Carbon fibre

Wheel Evolution

Wheel evolution spans over five to six millennia, with its humble inception in the 4th millennium BC.

Carbon fibre

LSM Advanced Composites – facilitating ocean exploration

First published June 2012:The dictionary defines an opportunity as an “advantageous combination of circumstances”, and that’s exactly what evolved for LSM Advanced Composites when the project design and management teams for James Cameron’s submersible DEEPSEA CHALLENGER approached the Toowoomba based company to manufacture the carbon fibre internal lining of the Pilot Sphere.

Carbon fibre

Enabling the clean energy revolution – GRP Tank Solutions

The Kwinana Nickel Refinery located south of Perth, Western Australia (WA), is the ‘first of its kind in Australia producing premium nickel sulphate used to make electric vehicle batteries. Its industrial equipment required to process the mineral ore is performance and material intensive – built to exacting engineering specifications.

Aerospace & Defence

Acoustic properties of composite materials in defence

With the focus of future warfare planning, Australia, through the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) is procuring new submarines and anti-submarine warfare frigates. Both programmes require vessels to be able to operate with high levels of stealth, part of which relies on a low acoustic signature.