This 58th edition of the Connection magazine celebrates International Women’s Day on 8th March 2022 by featuring articles on women leaders in the composites sector.

The articles chronicling the entrepreneurial careers and business journeys of eight remarkable women in the composites industry are heartening and inspiring in equal measure. It is especially interesting to discover the career background of our own Who’s Who of Australian Contemporary Women. The association is very fortunate to have Kerryn at its helm, ensuring we are all kept well informed of the important issues in our industry.

Collectively the eight women profiled here have been in the composites industry for a phenomenal 201 years in total. Some have come directly into the sector, while others, myself included, came a less direct path through a diverse range of careers. No doubt all have experienced both professional and personal challenges in their journeys. They are clearly women of great ability who have built unique businesses on their own terms and whose achievements deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated.

From its early days in the 1960s, women were barely visible in the composites workforce and certainly not as employers. The work demands grit and determination, skill and passion, and the ability to move with the times. My colleagues showcased in the following pages demonstrate all these qualities and more, and share a vision of a bright and prosperous future for their own companies and the entire composites sector, and I am proud to be among them.

While this special issue of Connection magazine inspired by International Women’s Day, I expect we will continue to see more women achieving great things across the Composites sector.

Click through here for the special edition on WOMEN LEADERS IN COMPOSITES.

Leona Reif