N.J. Robinson launches new multi-chip filled gelcoater

N.J. Robinson Limited, the company behind the first Australian-made chopper gun, recently launched a new multi-coloured gelcoater.

The multi pump ‘Robinson Chip Filled Gelcoater’ can spray chips and flakes up to 3,000 microns in diameter in a concentration of up to 40% of filler giving a unique finish. The device is designed with a low pressure internal mix spray unit with a non-mechanical catalyst flowmeter and optional positive displacement catalyst slave pump. The unique straight-through system enables chip, flake or ceramic filled materials to be minutely sprayed as a one-coat or multiple coat application.

The 54 year old company’s strategy has always been to grow with their customers. While continuing to offer a comprehensive and evolving range of off-the- shelf spray machinery, N.J. Robinson has grown through its custom-designed and custom-made equipment tailored to the requirements of government, defence and university research centres. One example is the deployment for the University of Queensland of a dispensing unit for one of only two research reactive extrusion lines in Australia.

The business strategy has also opened up export markets in South East Asia, the South Pacific, Europe and the United States. Exports designed and manufactured in the company’s West End (QLD) premises now amount to over 60% of their business.

Developing machinery tailored to an array of customers continually challenges the skills and expertise of the N.J. Robinson team, but according to Bruce Garbutt, the skills provided by the traditional “Fitter and Turner” qualification are still relevant today. For this reason, the company remains committed to training and currently has two employees undertaking apprenticeships at the Eagle Farm TAFE Campus (QLD).

According to Bruce materials have improved and standards of precision and accuracy of manufacture have steadily increased through the use of sophisticated machinery for high speed cutting and machining. Increased mechanical strength, heat sensitivity and lightweight alloys have enabled greater design possibilities of specialised equipment for epoxies, polyurethane, glass reinforced concrete, chip gelcoat spray and other materials pumping dispenser units used in most parts of the manufacturing industry. Hardy lightweight components have enabled a reduction of at least 2 kilos in the new chopper gun model.

This article appeared in the Connection magazine Issue 49: December, 2018