MoorPower™ Wave Energy Converter Project Launch

The $3.4 million MoorPower™ Scaled Demonstrator Project was recently launched, with Carnegie Clean Energy, the Blue Economy CRC and composites tech-demonstrator specialists, ACS Australia with prototyping of composite components and material processes being developed.

Global aquaculture is moving operations further offshore, presenting a challenge to access clean renewable and reliable offshore energy. Moored feeding barge facilities rely on diesel fuel generators for power out at sea, leading to high operating costs and carbon emissions. The MoorPower™ project aims to leverage the surrounding environment by converting wave motion into electricity.

MoorPower™ consists of a submerged buoy which sits a few metres below the surface of the ocean, moving with the motion of the waves. This orbital motion drives a power take-off (PTO) system, which converts the wave motion into electrical energy. It aims to reduce the reliance on diesel using clean, reliable predictable energy.Carnegie Clean Energy will operate the MoorPower™ technology at their research facility in North Fremantle, Western Australia. Click though for more information