Edencraft International – Unveiling Australia’s Most Advanced High-Speed CNC Machining Centre

Edencraft carries a legacy of trailer fishing boats that traces back over sixty years, beginning in Miami in the 1960s. The company has become a staple of Australian fishing folklore, with the 233 Formula Classic boasting a timeless hull design known worldwide for its endurance and performance. Image courtesy of Tom Cameron, Wicks Estate Media.

Written by Kerryn Caulfield, Executive Director, Composites Australia Inc.

A pivotal chapter unfolded in May 2016 when Edencraft found a new horizon under the Maher Family Group’s stewardship. Grant Maher, an admirer and customer of the brand, seized the chance to steer the company into a new era. By December 2016, Edencraft established its base in a purpose-built facility in Moolap, Geelong, featuring dedicated spaces for moulding, joining, fit-out and administrative functions—a testament to the planning and investment that defines the brand.

The Marine Craft Construction, often dubbed ‘Marine 4.0’, reflects Edencraft’s commitment to blending traditional boat building with the latest in engineering, robotics and material science. The centrepiece of this technological leap is the introduction of Australia’s largest high-speed 5-Axis CNC machine—a mammoth leap forward for the company and the industry.

For this state-of-the-art endeavour, Josie Eastman (nee Maher), General Manager of Edencraft and her team collaborated closely with Innovync, renowned suppliers of high-performance CNC machining centres. Their partnership included an invaluable trip to Italy, where they worked directly with Innovync specialists. This collaboration was pivotal in equipping Edencraft with versatile machinery capable of crafting intricate moulds and parts across aerospace, marine, industrial, transport, and pool sectors, ensuring unparalleled milling, trimming, and drilling capabilities for finished components. Its massive 15.5-metre work area and precision in five axes simultaneously demonstrate a leap in operational capability and precision.

Wayne Walker, Pathfinder with Tom Kelly, Edencraft.
Genelle Coghlan, Colan Australia. Josie Eastman and Kerri Maher, Edencraft.
Kirby Bourke, Edencraft with Jay Alatam, Alpha1 Marine
Joe Rokebrand, Matthew Alizzi & Michael Chen, Quickstep Group.

On the 1st of November, Edencraft celebrated a milestone with the unveiling of this state-of-the-art machining centre. This remarkable event attracted delegates from across states, all keen to witness the future of manufacturing taking shape. Networking opportunities thrived with professionals connecting to negotiate collaborative futures. Josie delivered an inspiring speech that reflected on the company’s journey and projected the possibilities that this technological advancement could bring. Her vision of a future where precision and efficiency drive industry growth captivated the room, solidifying the event as a landmark in Australia’s manufacturing narrative.

As Edencraft steps into this new phase, the CNC machining centre stands ready to shape the world’s best trailer boat experience and far beyond, ensuring that the enduring legacy of Edencraft continues to ride the waves of innovation and excellence.

Edencraft International unveiled its new cutting-edge five-axis CNC machining centre to delegates from across the country. Featured in the front row are hosts Josie and Paddy Eastman, alongside Grant and Kerri Maher. Image courtesy of Tom Cameron, Wicks Estate Media.