Compliance of the new Bolwell Nagari500 is now complete

Campbell Bolwell built his first fibreglass sports car in his parents' garage when he was 16 years old and subsequently transformed his hobby of building special sports cars into a business. The following 60+ years is a compelling story of entrepreneurial spirit and raw Aussie initiative, innovation and adaptability.

Importantly, Campbell’s dream led to the formation of the composites industry in Australia, with Campbell Bolwell acknowledged as a founding father.

The Bolwell Nagari, also known as the Mk VIII, was the company’s first full production sports car with 100 coupes and 18 convertibles made. It was manufactured from 1970 to 1974 and became the best known out of the 9 Bolwell car designs: the Mk I-VIII and Ikara.

More than 60 years on, Campbell is still a transport innovator. Compliance of the new Bolwell Nagari500 is now complete. Here he is pictured with son Vaughan, Geberal Manager at Bolwell Corporation.