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NDT Equipment

23 December 2019

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of composites components is a responsible method of determining the consistency of complex composite materials and identifying and monitoring internal damage including delamination and occurrence of voids or splits/cracks. Within the aerospace industry NDT plays a vital role in the design, manufacture and maintenance of aircraft. NDT has also become indispensable technology for all other composites including marine craft, defence equipment, tanks and pools.

One of the leading international manufacturers and suppliers of NDT equipment is Testia, a company formed from the R&D department of Airbus in France to ensure aircraft structural reliability and to facilitate the maintenance operations of Airbus aircrafts.

The range developed by Testia is now available through the Sydney based firm, NDT Equipment Sales. The range includes the D-lamTool that was specifically developed to detect delamination after impact on multilayered components made of carbon or glass fibre composites.

Rod Martin, Managing Director of NDT Equipment Sales says, “Through our partnership with Testia, our company is now able to offer the Australian market this unique range of testing equipment and augmented reality software for accurate analysis of composite components for aerospace and other applications. The D-lamTool is a Go-NoGo NDT tool that provides an automatic diagnosis and acoustic coupling monitoring that is not influenced by thickness change in structures. An added benefit is that can be operated efficiently by a non-certified operator.”

Contact Rod Martin, NDT Equipment Sales.
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This article first appeared in:

Connection Magazine

Issue 51: December, 2019

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Issue 51, December 2019