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Mr Chanasit Phongsitthisak

Master’s Degree Student, King Mongkut’s University of Technology

Topic: Analysis of electrical energy harvesting using a piezoelectric laminated belleville springs


Energy harvesting is a process of transforming environmental unused energy to beneficial electrical energy. This research presents a study of a novel energy harvester from smart Belleville spring composed of composite and piezoelectric materials. The electrical energy can be generated by employing piezoelectric effect in the piezoelectric elements bonded on or embedded in the spring. Mathematical models are developed to calculate the spring characteristics when a mechanical force/energy is applied, such as deflection, stresses, and strains. In addition, electromechanical performance, i.e. amount of electrical energy can be predicted under quasistatic analysis. The study focuses on the variables involving the snap-through buckling of the composite spring, which the behavior is a key mechanism to enhance the harvested electrical energy. Furthermore, an optimal condition of piezoelectric element installation for example, their location, amounts, and sizes of the piezoelectric patches has been analyzed. Results showed geometries of spring effect to energy generated, while the most effective area of piezoelectric patches is area around the inner circumference of springs from the stress most occurring. The final outcomes lead to the design guideline of smart composite Belleville springs under various applications, for example, their utilizations as a speed bump to collect energy from moving vehicles.


In 2016, Chanasit graduated with a bachelor degree (GPA 3.16/4.00) in mechanical engineering from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Bangkok, Thailand with thesis topic “Analysis of viscoelastic and elastic response of mattresses composed of layered materials”. At present, he is studying a master degree in mechanical engineering, on the topic of developing nonlinear mathematical models to study energy harvesting from composite Belleville spring by using Wolfram Mathematica.