Steber Boats (Commercial)

Steber manufactures high quality, robust commercial and recreational motor vessels, ranging in size from 6.5 metres (20′) to 20 metres  LOA (65′) for commercial fishing, charter, patrol, sea rescue, medical support, surveillance and recreational use. All boats are individually designed and built to suit their purpose, with a quality of manufacture that ensures a long service life and the capability to put to sea when many other vessels need to return to port.

This manufacturing discipline guarantees a vessel of the highest structural integrity and safety while allowing a high level of customisation flexibility to incorporate client specific requirements.

Our Naval Architect and Marine Surveyor consult on each manufacturing project to ensure that each vessel meets or exceeds its design/use specification and that the client specific requirements are incorporated in the internal layout and configuration. This can include complete customisation of the flybridge, helms, saloon, galley, internal work areas, cabin, accommodation areas, cockpit and below deck storage areas.

Steber Boats (Recreational)

The recreational fleet range in size from 6.7 metres (22′) to 20 metres LOA (65′). Vessels are ideally suited for personal recreational use, charter and leisure industry. Engineering excellence, quality finish, attention to detail, combined with the customer selection of decor and appointments, produce a boat to satisfy your practical requirements and personal style, while retaining exceptional resale value.

One of our key strengths is the manufacture of fiberglass sandwich cored boats which is superior to alloy boats for low maintenance, superior decorative finish, natural insulation in both hot and cold climate, does not conduct stray current and is less noisy.

Steber Composite Products

as a pioneer in the construction of fibreglass vessels in Australia, Steber has remained at the forefront of the industry and is now regarded as a premium manufacturer of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) components.

Steber Professional Services

Steber International is able to provide a range of professional services to the marine & composite industry, with an independent Naval Architect and Surveyor available for technical back-up and survey inspections.

We provide ongoing backup services to all Steber clients. Repairs, maintenance and/or refits can be carried out on site, off site, on-slip or in factory premises by a skilled staff, to Quality Assurance Standards. Quotations or estimates can be provided upon request.

Standards, Certifications & Accreditations

ISO9001, Occupational Health and Safety and Environment

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