Newell Composites has operated for 55 years from its Murray Bridge site, 78 kilometres east-southeast of Adelaide. The company’s mainstream products are industrial chemical storage tanks, pressure vessels and custom built items such as large fire retardant tanks for water cartage. Its reputation for niche and large-scale project manufacturing, particularly filament wound corrosion resistant fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) industrial products, is well earned.

Newell Composites boasts a highly skilled workforce and factory. Continuing to specialise in Composite Reinforced Plastics and niche project manufacturing. Above all the business focuses on ‘Corrosion Resistant Products’, using the process of filament winding.

Similarly they continue to focus on quality and integrity. Ensuring all clients receive what they design and order on time & budget. A belief that spans the entire 53 years that is the Newell brand and will continue long into the future.

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