For over 50 years, McConaghy has been at the forefront of complex carbon construction. The company is known for building some of the most successful racing yachts afloat and, in recent years, has successfully expanded into the defence, transport, architecture and exploration sectors.

McConaghy designs, manufactures and supports solutions where there is no room for error: the company’s world-class reputation has been earned through an enviable record of reliability.

McConaghy has developed and continued to refine techniques for ensuring that the bonding between honeycomb cores (both Kevlar and Nomex) and carbon skins is robust and reliable. McConaghy has also developed techniques for thermoforming Kevlar and nomex honeycomb cores, as well as Corecell foams, in-house, ensuring that engineers can specify the best properties in the most challenging geometry.

Working closely with designers, engineers, material suppliers and industry specialists, McConaghy is able to meet the requirements of specified resin contents and achieve both the nominated component weights and geometry tolerances demanded by the world’s best architects and structural engineers.

McConaghy builds all tools and composite structures from raw elements, and offers a full spectrum of services: from concept, design, prototype and manufacturing, to final assembly and testing.

McConaghy utilises the latest techniques and machinery for the moulding of prepreg composite structures. The quality of every project undertaken by McConaghy is of the highest importance. Maintaining a keen focus on research and development, McConaghy has assembled a team of in-house experts covering all facets of composite building to create a company with unique capabilities.

With manufacturing facilities in Australia and China, McConaghy deploys its wealth of talent across a number of different divisions, with a strong commercial platform and versatile ability.

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