With more than 25 years experience in the delivery of marine projects across Australia, the Marine Composites team understands the challenges of working in this environment, and has developed a uniquely safe, sustainable and durable range of composite marine piles to substitute traditional steel, concrete and timber products.

Our entire range of composite piles can be customised to specifications. MC provides guidance on pile selection, logistics and installation. Our specially designed proprietary joining system allows pile lengths to be joined with a flawless exterior appearance and without loss of strength.

Our composite fibre floats have been successfully used in offshore AMSAR certified vessels. We add bulkheads and access hatches, which are subject to extensive pressure & water testing. Our floats are fully customisable and can be joined to any length.

Our composite piles can be used to replace and sleeve-over existing deteriorated piles, or as part of a new boardwalk design.

Our fully turnkey pontoon models are an ideal solution to any waterfront environment. Corrosion resistant, stronger, and environmentally friendly, FRP technology is paving the way for a sustainable future.

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