Hypersonix is Australia’s leading aerospace engineering, design and build company, specialising in hypersonic technology and scramjet engines. Our scramjet engines and hypersonic vehicles are designed and engineered to disrupt the global market with New Space best practices. Hypersonix is leading the world in green scramjet engines and hypersonic aerospace design and engineering.

Hypersonix’s technology has global applications across the aerospace sector. Fifty thousand small satellites are projected to launch by 2030, with an estimated market worth $19 billion. Rapid growth in the hypersonic technology market predicts a surge from $5.41billion to $12.91billion* by 2031. *BIS Research Global Hypersonic Technology Market Report 2021.
While there are currently over 100 small launch vehicle companies in development internationally, few use green hydrogen as fuel, and none use scramjet technology for small satellite launches. Hypersonix’s “plug-n-play” approach leverages the best available launch provider for the particular Hypersonix mission profile. This reduces technology risk and time to market, locking in a lower cost structure. Click through to our article on Hypersonixs.

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