Felco Manufacturing specialises in the manufacture of composite fibre road tankers for bulk liquid haulage, construction and diesel fuel for local councils, civil contractors, mining and earthmoving enterprises and liquid fertilizer and livestock supplement suppliers. For over forty years, Felco invested in continuous development of safe and functional storage and haulage solutions that maximise the lightweight, corrosion resistant and work hardening qualities of fibreglass reinforced composites. Felco’s tankers are computer designed in order to achieve exacting weight distribution… and baffling for maximised safety, load stability and team productivity.

Felco's bulk tankers provide tailored solutions for most (non DG) chemicals and dense liquids such as molasses and liquid fertiliser applications. Felco’s Fire Retardant bulk water tankers provide an essential service in transporting precious water to fire fronts as well as dust suppression when not required for firefighting.

Felco's Skel Container Lock Pods allow operators to extend the reach and capacity of their operations because they are scalable during growth cycles and easily divested in contractions... while optimising the usage of vital prime movers, rolling stock and manpower.

Felco’s tankers are available across a myriad of flexible configurations and storage capacities as well and functional add ons.

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