FDP Composites produce composite componentry for Australia’s largest and well known bus and coach manufacturers, as well as for the transport, marine and boating, architecture and building, and caravan and camper manufacturing sectors.
Founded in 1999, FDP Composites now employs more than 40 people across two manufacturing sites in Queensland. The company specialises in manufacturing panels for interior and exteriors of large passenger vehicles including buses and coaches – side panels, floor panels, ceiling panels, door panels, and more, up to 2.5m x 12m in size. Panels can be designed starting from 1mm thickness upward, and can also be produced with a double sided gelcoat finish –particularly for caravans and RVs.
Our high quality carbon fibre provides a quality cosmetic finish suitable for wheel arch profiles, dashboards and interior panels. Our floor panels with honeycomb core provide a great option for refits.
We also manufacture a range of early model roof panels and other ‘older’ style parts such as front and rear headers, bumpers and dashboards for bus and coach manufacturers and motor home refits. Our capabilities extend to interior and exterior components for leisure vehicle manufactures including producers of RVs, campervans and camper trailers, as well as architectural components customised as large-scale design solutions.

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