Diab's advanced core materials can be found in a wide range of global applications, including marine, aerospace, wind energy, and transportation sectors, enhancing competitiveness and sustainability. We ensure a secure supply chain by producing our own materials, enabling efficient and sustainable management. Continually seeking improvement, we aim to enhance your products by making them stronger, lighter, and smarter. Our solutions have been utilized in various industries for decades and comply with industry standards.

With a comprehensive range of high-performance core materials, finishing options, engineering services, and expertise, we offer the most extensive and valuable offerings in the sandwich composite industry. By utilizing our structural core materials, you can enhance energy efficiency, reduce emissions, conserve resources, and prolong product lifespan.

Sustainability is a top priority for us, as evidenced by our commitment to the UN Global Compact framework and the Science Based Targets Initiative for carbon footprint reduction. We strive to contribute to the renewable energy supply chain, recognizing the long-term benefits of this approach for profitability and competitiveness.

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