Dennis Southam & Associates has been providing advanced engineering solutions for over 30 years. Through those years, DSA has built its reputation on serving a market that demands the highest level of expertise. Our engineering team provide precision and reliability to any project. We offer clients advanced designs and solutions, specialising in areas of high corrosion. Our knowledge of GRP, FRP and GRE products are second to none.

Composite materials are an excellent option for many applications. Steel and other exotic metals can be expensive, high maintenance or inefficient. GRP, FRP and GRE products can be custom designed for many applications. Other benefits include being low cost, easy installation and low maintenance. GRP, FRP and GRE composites are commonly applied in applications such as:
- Corrosive chemical storage tanks
- Process piping
- Ducting
- Water pipelines
- Pressure vessels
- Scrubber vessels
- Vent stacks
- Odour covers
- Filtration vessels
- Buried fuel tanks
- Buried pump stations
- Oil and gas pipelines

DSA also delivers piping installation and inspection training courses. Each course has both a practical and theory component. The participant is then required to demonstrate their understanding of composite piping systems by completing a closed book examination and a practical demonstration of their ability. Upon completion of the nominated course, the participant is issued with a certificate in accordance with the appropriate standard:
– ISO 14692-4 Annexure C.1 Pipe Jointer
– ISO 14692-4 Annexure C.1 Spool Builder A
– ISO 14692-4 Annexure C.1 Spool Builder B
– ISO 14692-4 Annexure C.1 Pipe Fitter
– ISO 14692-4 Annexure C.1 Supervisor
– ISO 14692-4 Annexure C.1 Inspector
– RIICRC208D Lay Pipes

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