Croker Oars, a family business based on the mid-NSW coast, has made its presence felt at every Olympic Games since 1964, just two years after the company started.

Our distinctive pink-sleeved carbon fibre oars are the preferred equipment for not only the Australian Olympic and Paralympic teams but also for rowers competing for New Zealand, the USA, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Germany, Lithuania, Italy and Ireland.

Today Croker Oars make over 10,000 oars a year which is a far cry from the early 1980’s when the company’s two oarmakers each took one day to craft a perfectly weighted wooden oar.

Croker continually invests in R&D, new and improved technology and process, product and material testing to ensure rowers can perform at their best to break new ground. New products such as the fully adjustable Carbon Fibre Foot Stretcher which is not only beautifully crafted, it provides extra comfort, stability while allowing the leg drive to engage the glutes quicker.

Our carbon fibre ergonomic seat tops are also a recent addition to the Croker. They are designed, machined and manufactured in-house by Croker Oars. The Seat Tops are infused by the same advanced VARTM (Vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding) process used to manufacture our oar blades.

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