Since it began in June 1980, Compass Pools has grown into a thriving swimming pool manufacturing facility, pushing the boundaries of fibreglass pool shell innovation. The company now employs close to 70 people, has branches in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Christchurch and services over 40 exclusive dealerships throughout Australia and NZ.

Compass Pools revolutionised the industry when it brought self-cleaning fibreglass pools to the market. Now over 18,000 customers are enjoying resort style living at home.

Compass customers have 15 colour choices, 40 shapes and sizes to choose from and a whole raft of customisation options.

Compass Pools can be modified to have vanishing edges, acrylic window panels, pool and spa combos, sun pods, waders, beach entries – as well as free-form work to completely change the shape of a pool

The company’s patent strategy has served it well, particularly its development of ceramic core and bi-luminite pool shell technology. Indeed, over 40,000 households across Australia enjoy the benefits of a Compass Pool, installed sometime over the last 40 years.

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