Bolwell Corporation is an acknowledged expert in the design and manufacture of composite plastic products. Founded in the late 1960s, an early influence was the automotive and transport industries which led to the adoption of Lean Manufacturing principles, particularly the Toyota Production System (TPS). The company utilises Kanban to schedule work throughout its facilities for efficient and highly visible tracking of orders and it regularly undertakes Kaizen activities to review and optimise its processes and systems.

Bolwell has specialised robotic systems as well as light scanning technology to its stable of advanced manufacturing capabilities. Parts large or small, complex or simple can now be easily reverse-engineered using the 3D surface measurement digital light projection technology. The systems computational power is also used as a quality control method to verify that the parts produced match the initial CAD data and technical specifications from

Adding to its original ISO 9001:2015, the company operates environmental best practice by way of ISO 14001:2015 accreditation.

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