Risk Assessments

know the risks

Composite fabricators need to be aware of the risks involved in working with hazardous substances and take measures to avoid the dangers and ensure compliance with legislative requirements. Workplace Health and Safety legislation in all states requires workplaces to undertake a formal risk assessment for all hazardous substances used on the premises. A record of this assessment must be made, kept and communicated to all personnel using the substance(s).

A hazardous substance risk assessment is the process of applying information about a substance to the way that it is used. The risk assessment will help you work out if the substance is being used safely, and if not, the measures required to use it safely. The benefits gained from learning to prepare and use a written hazardous substance risk assessment will prove invaluable in the long term, and will assist you to comply with legislative requirements.

To this end, Composites Australia, with support from the  Queensland Government – Department of Employment and Industrial Relations, has developed and produced a Risk Assessment Guide to inform and protect the well-being of those working in the composites industry. Click here to access a copy of this booklet online.  Hard copies of the booklet are available to Composites Australia members.