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To make a composite part, resins (which start off as liquids) are cured to form a solid matrix. Composite fabricators must know the hazards of each chemical used in this process. In particular, they must be vigilant with highly reactive chemicals such as catalysts and curing agents that can react with the human body in a harmful way.

The reinforcing fibres in composites are mainly fibreglass or carbon fibre. However, during the fabrication of a composite part, these fibres are often cut, sanded and ground. This forms fine dust particles and short fibres that can be irritating to the skin. To save going home each day itching, personal protective equipment can be worn.  Health & safety information can be found by clicking through the headings below. Also click through for the report on GLASS FIBRE & HUMAN HEALTH.

As well as the resin and reinforcing fibres, there are many chemicals used in fabrication. These include cleaning products and mould release agents. Solvents are often used in these products to allow them to work effectively. Fabricators must be aware of these solvents and take measures to avoid their hazards.

Many of the chemicals used in composite fabrication are flammable, some are corrosive and some are toxic. The most commonly used components are listed in the menu on the right. These links will provide you with:

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Work safely – know the products you use!

KEY to abbreviations CNS: Central Nervous System EPA: Environmental Protection Authority NOHSC: National Occupational Health & Safety Commission (Worksafe Australia) PVC: Polyvinyl chloride SA: Standards Australia

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