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Technology Seminar: A road-map to lower cost carbon fibre – Perth

Start Date 23 November 2016 Add to my calendar
End Date 23 November 2016
Time 2.00pm - 7.00pm
Location Royal Perth Golf Club, Labouchere Rd, South Perth WA 6151
Member $95 each
Non member $120 each

Topic: A road map to lower cost of carbon fibre next-generation composite materials

Carbon fibre has been described as the most defining material for 21st century manufacturing. It has long been used in technology-intensive applications such as motorsport and aerospace due to its significant strength, stiffness and weight advantages over other engineering materials, however it is less than cost-effective for most composite applications.  Solutions focused on reducing the cost and time to manufacture  could make CFRP components a more viable substitute for other traditional materials. Leading the way in the global research to reduce the cost of carbon fibre production is a unique carbon fibre research facility at Australia’s Deakin University – Carbon Nexus.

At this Composites Australia technology seminar, Derek Buckmaster, Director of Carbon Nexus,  will provide an overview of the global market for carbon fibre and the journey towards mainstream applications. Professor Russell Varley, leader of the composite research group, will then describe some successes and capabilities of the group while outlining the current research activities that are seeking to develop these mainstream composite applications.

The seminar will be followed by refreshments and networking for delegates and speakers.

Register online below or download the event flyer here ...