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Pre-Conference workshop: Composites Design and Manufacturing

Start Date 17 April 2018 Add to my calendar
End Date 17 April 2018
Time 12.15 to 5:00pm
Location Australian Synchrotron, 800 Blackburn Rd, Clayton VIC 3168

This workshop, for composite manufacturers and design engineers, will firstly provide a top-end view of the design process for composite structures and components. The discussion will review the unknown parameters that face a composites design engineer; namely: fibre type and form selection, resin system selection, manufacturing process required/available, the number of plies required or component thickness, the orientation of each ply and the stacking sequence of each ply or the ply lay-up configuration. The needs of the manufacturing process selected are then addressed based on cost, production run numbers, part quality and material property consistency, to name a few. The consideration of material property data scatter is briefly discussed. Finally, if manufactured composite parts do not meet the design performance requirements what can be done to resolve this? Firstly, what are the designer’s options in resolving a performance shortfall? And secondly, what can be done with the manufacturing process to overcome the performance shortfall?

A set of recommendations in overcoming performance shortfalls in both design of the composite structure or component, and manufacturing process modifications or adjustments are given.

Full details of the workshop content are available on the conference website here …


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