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Design of concrete structures internally reinforced with FRP bars – Tuesday 5th November

Start Date 5 November 2019 Add to my calendar
End Date 5 November 2019
Time 9:30am - 4:00pm
Location The Rupert Myers Theatre, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Kensington, NSW (Entry via Gate 14, Barker Street, Kensington)
Member Price $390 each
Non member price $455 each
Full time student $190 each

Event overview

Increasingly, fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composite bars are being used to reinforce concrete structures, as their anti-corrosion and other benefits over traditional steel reinforcement become known. This technology clinic has been developed to provide practising Australian engineers and civil engineering firms, as well as engineering students, with the knowledge necessary to design concrete structures with FRP reinforcing bars. It will also provide an update on global applications and the development of the Australian Standard for the design of concrete structures using FRP. It will be presented by experts in innovative use of FRP composite materials in construction.


The case for the adoption of non-corrosive reinforcements for new concrete structures is strong. In Australia, the environments are severe to use steel as reinforcement to concrete structures from the viewpoint of corrosion damage. In fact, repair or replacement costs associated with concrete degradation and spalling in Australia are estimated at $13 billion dollars each year. This cost is anticipated to increase further due to the increasing carbon dioxide concentration, temperature, and relative humidity in the coastal region as well as parts of inland Australia. Thus there are now thousands of examples of applications throughout the world and a growing list of infrastructure projects successfully implementing FRP reinforced concrete in Australia.FRP Rebar


Professor Brahim Benmokrane (FRSC, FACI, FCSCE, FIIFC, FCAE, FEIC), an internationally renowned leader on the innovative use of fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials in construction whose pioneering research and achievements on the subject have been recognised by esteemed Canadian and American engineering societies. He is an active member of the Canadian Standard Association committees on FRP structural components and reinforcing materials for buildings and bridges, and design codes for FRP Reinforcement.

Allan Manalo is Associate Professor at the School of Civil Engineering and Surveying at the University of Southern Queensland and a key researcher at the university’s Centre for Future Materials. is also chair of the Standards Australia committee for fibre reinforced polymer composite bars and an associate member of the Canadian Standards on Specification for fibre-reinforced polymers. He is an active member of the Concrete Institute of Australia, Composites Australia, Engineers Australia, and the International Institute for FRP in Construction.

The full event flyer can be found at this link.

Parking: The location of UNSW Barker St Carpark –