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Composites Materials in corrosive environments

Start Date 1 May 2019 Add to my calendar
End Date 1 May 2019
Time 4:00pm - 7:00pm
Location Perth, Western Australia
CA Members price $99
Non members price $150
Full time students $99

Presented by Dr Lucy Cranitch, Materials Scientist and Director of PATH a technical consultancy for polymers: composites, fibreglass, plastics, rubber, coatings and linings.

Lucy will present on a number of projects including the materials selection for a hot acid process tank made from composites and lined with PVDF, the installation of a large diameter pressure pipeline delivering irrigation water and the repair of a gas cooling tower. She will also present on her findings from condition assessments of dozens of composite vessels used in a sulfuric acid production plant. 

This event will be followed by refreshments and networking.

About the presenter:

Dr Lucy Cranitch is a polymer chemist with 20 years of experience in industry specialising in composites in the water, waste, desalination, mining, minerals processing, chemical, oil and gas industries. With an understanding of degradation mechanisms, Lucy’s aim is to assist people building or running industrial plants to achieve the design life and limit the maintenance of assets. Her main activities are selecting materials for new builds or assessing the condition of existing assets. Lucy is the director of the materials consulting company, PATH and has previously worked for the materials supplier Huntsman and engineering consulting companies MPT and GHD.

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