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Tech workshop: Adhesive bonding – making it stay stuck, Sydney – Cancelled

Start Date 12 October 2017 Add to my calendar
End Date 12 October 2017
Time 8.30am - 5.00pm
Location North Ryde Golf Club, Twin Road North Ryde NSW 2113
Members $370 each
Non members $480 each
Students $225 each

We apologise for any inconvenience however this event has been been cancelled


This one day workshop will focus on the scientific and practical aspects of achieving durable adhesive bonding and the inspection methods for testing and measuring adhesive durability.

As a high performance structural connection, adhesive bonding has many highly valued benefits over other forms of structural attachments including lighter structures, improved structural efficiency, smooth joint transitions and stiffer connections, to name a few. In particular, design and stress analysis of adhesively bonded joints show their superior structural performance compared with mechanically fastened joints, thus the current trend in permanent structural joint design is to adhesively bond components together instead of bolting them.

However, there are a number of limitations or restrictions to using adhesively bonded joints in structural design.  Two of the more concerning aspects are related to fabrication and assessing long-term performance: surface preparation and non-destructive inspection.  Both of these issues are related and are the focus of this workshop and the supporting practical demonstrations.

Workshop objectives

On completion of the course, attendees will have:

  1. A scientific and practical appreciation of surface preparation to ensure durability of the adhesively bonded joint.
  2. An understanding of what to consider and how to go about inspection of the bondline to assess the level of durability loss
  3. Ideas on the use of simple methods of testing and measuring adhesive durability.

Workshop outline

  • Introduction and overview of the adhesive bonding, adhesive types and properties
  • The bondline and failure mechanisms
  • Adherend surface preparation and conditioning (practical demonstration)
  • Surface energy assessment
  • Inspection methods for adhesive bondlines (practical demonstration)
  • Assessment of the NDI data obtained
  • Testing for adhesive-bonded joint durability and test results interpretation (practical demonstration)

About the presenter

This workshop will be presented by highly respected international composites engineering consultant and trainer Dr Rik Heslehurst, a former aeronautical engineering officer in the Royal Riks Pic-AbarisAustralian Air Force (RAAF) where he was in-charge of the RAAF Material and Process Engineering Section and earlier an airworthiness engineer on the F/A-18 Hornet aircraft.  

Rik is currently the Senior Engineer for Abaris Training – Reno NV and consults for the Australian Defence Force, Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Raytheon Missile Systems, NASA, USAF, Boeing Airplane Company, Bombardier Aerospace, Australian Space Safety Office, SRAM-Zipp Wheels, John Deere, Walt Disney Imagineering and General Atomics.

He has conducted engineering short courses for NASA Kennedy, Marshall and Goddard Space Flight Centres, Lockheed-Martin Skunk Works, USAF Academy, Royal Australian Navy, USAF Wright Patterson Laboratories, Pratt & Whitney CT, USAF Warner Robins Air Logistics Centre, Colombian Air Force, Boeing Australia, Raytheon-Australia, Bombardier Aerospace, Honeywell Systems and others.


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