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Xantu.Layr® Nanofibre Interleaving Veils for High Performance Composite Materials

Dr Gareth Beckermann, Technical Manager, Revolution Fibres Ltd


Revolution Fibres have developed Xantu.Layr®, the world’s first commercially available nanofibre interleaving veil for use in fibre reinforced thermoset polymer composite materials. When placed in-between the plies of reinforcing fibres in a composite laminate, Xantu.Layr® is able to significantly improve the fracture toughness (delamination resistance), compression after impact strength (damage tolerance) and fatigue resistance of the composite without adding much thickness and weight.  Xantu.Layr® nanofibre veils are able to improve composite materials by providing nano-scale reinforcement of the brittle matrix resin, resulting in a tougher resin (even when used with already toughened resin systems) which is less prone to micro-cracking when stressed or impacted. Xantu.Layr® is particularly suitable for improving the performance of composite structures that are prone to impact/crash damage, delamination and high flexure or fatigue loadings.


Dr Gareth Beckermann is Revolution Fibres’ Technical Manager and is a leading composites scientist with several years’ experience working in the UK aerospace industry. Gareth is also an electrospinning expert with over 5 years’ experience in nanofibre R&D and commercialisation.