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Plenary: Prof Peter Schubel

Topic: Overview of the UK Composites Strategy – Using a national strategy to drive innovation

Presented by: Professor Peter Schubel, Director of the Centre for Future Materials, University of Southern Queensland


In 2009 the UK composites community developed its first national strategy in order to leverage government funds to increase innovation through major initiatives, including the establishment of the National Composites Center (AU$130 Million).

Advanced high-value manufacturing has since become a key pillar to the UK governments growth and employment strategy, with Composites sitting front and center. Following the successful delivery of the 2009 strategy, in 2016 the Composites Leadership Forum released the next five-year plan following extensive consultation road-mapping with all industry sectors and academia. This exercise looked at aerospace, defence, automotive, rail, construction, marine, oil & gas and renewables sectors.

The roadmap now details the path, with government backing, to double the UK composites industry to AU$7.8 Billion by 2020 with an upper potential to achieve AU$20.8 Billion by 2030. The presentation will give an overview of the 2016 UK Composites Strategy with some insight to its development from the perspective of someone who co-authored the strategy. 

Key words: national strategy, innovation

About the presenter

Peter Schubel is a Professor of composites manufacturing and Director of the Centre for Future Materials (CFM) at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ). He joined USQ in Oct 2016 from the University of Nottingham, UK. Professor Schubel specialises in the design and processing of high-value composite components and structures, focusing in particular on automated manufacturing, process development, advanced infusion processing, surface metrology, biocomposites and cost modelling for the aerospace, automotive and wind energy sectors. Over the last eight years, Prof Schubel has secured over $40 million in research grants and external contracts.