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Prof. Hubert Debski

TOPIC: Nonlinear stability analysis of composite profiles under uniaxial compression

Author: Professor Hubert Debski, from the Lublin University of Technology, Lublin, Poland

Presented by Professor Hubert Debski, researcher at the Lublin University of Technology, Lublin, Poland


The object of the research is short, thin-walled columns with open channel cross section made of multilayer laminate. The walls of the investigated profiles are made of plate elements. The entire columns are subjected to uniform compression. The study range covered experiments on the structures made with the autoclaving technique. The numerical calculations performed before the stand tests exploited the finite element method. During the experiments the test parameters were registered (axial load, deflections of a profile’s walls and its strains) in order to plot the post-critical equilibrium paths for any real structure. The basic aim of the research was determination of the load eccentricity effect on the value of critical load, as well as the post-critical equilibrium paths. In addition and influence of the laminate sequence both on the value of critical load and the post-critical characteristics were analyzed. The experimental outcomes enabled elaboration of adequate numerical models for the tested structures. The study involves solving the problem of eigenvalue and the non-linear problem of stability of the structure. The numerical analysis is performed by the commercial simulation software ABAQUS®. The study was conducted under the project UMO-2015/19/B/ST8/02800 financed by the National Science Centre Poland.

Keywords: buckling, composite profile, failure analysis

Presenter’s resume

Professor Hubert Debski is a specialist in mechanical modeling and experimental testing of composite and other engineering materials. He is the leading Finite Element researcher in his university, concerning buckling and damage processes in composites. Lastly he has been elected for the Vice-Dean for Education in the Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Lublin University of Technology.