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Peter Turner

Topic: Towards the design of an in situ braiding system for the manufacture of confined concrete columns

Authors: Mr Peter Turner, Dr Michael Heitzmann, Dr Dilum Fernando, Dr Surya Singh
Affiliations: University of Queensland

Presented by: Mr Peter Turner, University of Queensland Composites Group


Automated composite manufacturing processes are rapidly gaining momentum and are increasingly replacing labour intensive manufacturing processes in the aeronautical and automotive industries. Civil construction is one of the most promising future markets for fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP), with an increasing number of projects incorporating FRP into the initial design rather than as a retrofit or rehabilitation solution. An example of this is the FRP confinement of concrete columns, which is a method that significantly increases the shear and compressive strengths of the column. The physical scale of typical civil infrastructure projects and the outdoor environment have so far prevented the development of automated manufacturing processes for the in situ manufacture of FRP civil structures.

This paper will present the work that is being undertaken towards the development of an autonomous braiding system for the in situ manufacture of the FRP confinement for concrete columns. The allowable design envelope has been determined based on the manufacturing process limitations and the required material properties of the structure. These will be presented as part of an initial feasibility study. Relevant calculations will then be presented to demonstrate how this novel manufacturing method can be used for various geometries and project scales. Finally, work on a simple prototype design will be presented as a proof of concept.

Keywords: In situ manufacture, Civil construction, Braiding 

Presenter’s resume

Peter Turner is an early stage PhD student and member of the UQ Composites Group, studying at The University of Queensland under the supervision of Dr. Michael Heitzmann, Dr. Dilum Fernando and Dr. Surya Singh. His project is multi-disciplinary, combining areas of mechanical design, civil structural engineering, materials and processes, and mechatronics. Peter has graduated with a Master of Engineering Science (Mechanical), and a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) (Mechanical and Aerospace) from the University of Queensland.