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Hossein Mohammad Khanlou

Topic: Process Boundaries of the Degradation of Mechanical Properties for Natural-Fibre Bio-Polymer Composites

Authors: Hossein Mohammad Khanlou, Peter Woodfield, John Summerscales, Wayne Hall from the Griffith School of Engineering, Gold Coast Campus, Griffith University, Queensland 4222, Australia; and Advanced Composites Manufacturing Centre, School of Marine Science and Engineering, Reynolds Building, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, Devon PL4 8AA, United Kingdom

Presented by: Hossein Mohammad Khanlou from Griffith School of Engineering, Gold Coast Campus, Griffith University, Queensland 4222, Australia


Simulation and modelling of the thermal degradation of polymeric materials is essential for when predicting or describing the material’s behaviour and durability after an exposure to high temperature. Chain-scission of polymers highly corresponds to thermos-chemical degradations of natural fibre reinforced bio-composites. In addition, compression moulding is a complex balance between processes in which consolidation and the onset of thermal degradation of the natural fibre and/or matrix materials must successfully occur for the bio-composites. Therefore, we bring together models of thermal penetration, melt infusion, thermal degradation and chemical degradation of natural polymers to construct an ideal processing window for a bio-composite. Finally, critical processes and process boundaries are identified by mathematical models and validation of the concept is achieved by measuring changes in the mechanical properties of flax/PLA bio-composites.

Key words: Bio-polymer composites; Chemical degradation; Natural fibres; Mechanical properties; and Thermal processing degradation

About the presenter

After gaining my undergraduate degree in Manufacturing Engineering, Hossein Mohammad Khanlou has been involved with various engineering projects. He has also worked in the University of Malaya as a research assistant in the area of nano-composite production. Hossein is currently a PhD. student at Griffith University and has been awarded Vice Chancellor Postgraduate Research Scholarship (GUPRS)and Griffith University Postgraduate International Research Scholarship (GUIPRS) on a project entitled “The sensitivity of natural fibre reinforced composites to environmental conditions“.