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Dr Sylwester Samborski

TOPIC: Strain energy release rate distribution along delamination front in CFRP laminates with mechanical couplings

Author & Presenter: Dr Sylwester Samborski, researcher from Lublin University of Technology, Lublin, Poland


The contemporary Finite Element (FE) codes provide efficient computational methods for pre-experimental verification of test configurations applied to composite laminates. A special group of laminates are those exhibiting mechanical couplings. The critical parameter for the CFRP laminates, prone to delamination is the Strain Energy Release Rate (SERR). The available ASTM procedures were thought for the unidirectional composites. However, they allow for testing of angle-ply laminates. The author analyzed possibilities of direct applicability of the standard DCB and ENF procedures to multidirectional coupled laminates using the Virtual Crack Closure Technique (VCCT) available in the Abaqus FE code. The results revealed asymmetries in the SERR plots along delamination front. The modifications of the data reduction schemes were proposed. The work paper was financially supported by the Ministerial Research Project No. DEC-2016/21/B/ST8/03160 financed by the Polish National Science Centre.

Keywords: Delamination, Fiber reinforced polymer, Coupled laminate

Presenter’s resume

Dr Sylwester Samborski is a specialist in the field of damage mechanics of composite laminates and other materials, like ceramics. He has worked in several teams dealing with both static and dynamic problems of delamination. He is experienced in Finite Element Method and experiments on strength of deteriorated materials, including Acoustic Emission (AE) testing.