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Plenary: Greg Williams, CSIRO Futures

Topic: Advanced manufacturing – unlocking future growth

Presented by: Mr Greg Williams, Senior Consultant – CSIRO Futures


Australian manufacturing is not dying, it’s evolving. This transformation is being driven by supply chain disruptions, the continued explosion of data and analytics, and an increasing demand for customised and sustainable solutions and services. Over the coming decades, Australia’s manufacturing sector must become integrated, collaborative and export-focused, producing bespoke and high-value solutions for global value chains. Advanced manufacturing technologies, systems and processes will be at the heart of this transformation. However, in order to realise the full potential of these emerging technologies, industry and research need to jointly tackle issues around technology adoption, skills, collaboration and culture.

Keywords: Advanced, Roadmap, Value-add

Speaker’s resume

CSIRO Futures – Senior Consultant (1.5 years)
KPMG, Management Consulting – Senior Consultant (4 years)
University of Melbourne – Masters of Biotechnology
University of Melbourne – Double Bachelor of Science and Commerce