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Simon Karpeles

Topic: Composites as structural cast-in-place formwork for major civil sewer applications

Presented by: Mr Simon Karpeles, General Manager – Engineering, RPC Technologies


RPC Technologies has recently introduced engineering innovations into the Australian Civil/Construction market by utilising Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP) as structural cast-in-place formwork on a range of infrastructure projects that have demonstrated significant advantages for the constructors, clients and end-users.

GRP as an engineering material provides outstanding strength/stiffness properties, is lightweight and boasts unparalleled corrosion resistance. These properties have seen GRP used extensively in the Marine / Defence / Aerospace / Chemical Processing and Water/Waste Water sectors. However, until recently, GRP has struggled to gain acceptance in the Civil/Construction markets. With ever-increasing construction and labour costs, RPC’s clients are looking for construction methods that provide alternative solutions to more traditional materials such as concrete and steel. Using GRP can generate overall project savings and reduce construction risks while delivering a superior quality outcome. GRP solutions are low maintenance and deliver long asset life of up to 100 years.

GRP cast-in-place formwork is ideal for applications that involve working in corrosive environments, confined spaces or require complex shapes. GRP reduces construction time/costs by permitting off-site construction of components that can be delivered and assembled on-site and rapidly installed.

Presenter’s resume

Simon Karpeles, B.Eng. (Civil) (Hons) is General Manager – Engineering for RPC Technologies and an Australasian GRP industry leader specialising in the management and coordination of all engineering and technical aspects involved with the supply of industrial fibreglass for major projects.  He is involved specifically in the application of Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP) in the corrosion control industry which includes cooling water pipelines, chemical scrubbers/tanks, ventilation and ducting systems, general GRP piping systems and odour control systems for the chemical, mining, power, wastewater and defence industries.