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Raymond Ten Broeke

Topic: Recent developments in polyester curing systems
Presented by Mr Raymond Ten Broeke, Field & Customer Support Engineer, AkzoNobel Polymer Chemistry


In polyester curing, the curing system has a large influence on the quality of the cured product and the ease and speed of the process. In this presentation recent developments in accelerators and peroxides will be highlighted. The new cobalt-free accelerators were found to give not only a cobalt-free end product, but also unexpected advantages in the curing process. Research is done on the effect of the peroxide formulation on osmosis for polyester products in contact with water and the cure of styrene free resins is also investigated as the market is showing more and more interest.

Speaker’s resume

Mr Ten Broeke joined AkzoNobel in 2012 as researcher and field & customer service focal point. Next to performing lab work and customer support, Mr Ten Broeke gives technical training on polyester curing and proper selection of curing systems. Before joining AkzoNobel, Mr Ten Broeke worked as a researcher on development of solar cells.