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Michael Kemp

Using composites to extend performance capability of aging infrastructure – a case study

Presented by Mr Michael Kemp, General Manager – Engineering, Wagners CFT Manufacturing Pty Ltd


 The Hawkes Bay region in New Zealand is becoming renowned for its cycleways and these are a big tourism drawcard for the region.  This paper discusses a case study on applying light weight composite materials to upgrade the functional capacity of a 50 year old reinforced concrete bridge to include a “clip-on” cycleway, and safely connect cycleways on each side of the Ngaruroro River.

Keywords: Composites, Structural engineering, Performance upgrade


As the General Manager of Wagners CFT, Michael has led the development of the business over the last 15 years from R&D start-up to a profitable business unit in the Wagner Group with over 100 employees. Michael’s drive for innovation and experience in risk management and commercialisation of opportunities has led to projects around Australia and Wagners becoming known as a world leader in the implementation of composite materials in infrastructure.