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Manny Tesfaye

Topic: Innovative adhesive technologies for Composite Marine Structures

Presented by Mr Manny Tesfaye, Director of Technical Services, SCIGRIP Structural Adhesives, USA


Selection of adhesive products for joining structural components in small “runabouts” or rugged fishing boats require rigorous testing to ensure the structural integrity as well as the safety and comfort of the riders. Therefore, it is imperative that the appropriate adhesive technology identified, followed by assessment of the adhesives ability to bond to current as well as new and advanced boat building materials. The adhesive bonds have to pass minimum performance requirements as established by international bodies of standards for marine products. This presentation will discuss performance of new and improved MMA adhesives for joining similar and dissimilar substrates typically used in boat building. In short, the paper will address practical considerations faced by boat and yacht manufacturers in selecting the correct adhesive products.

Keywords: Composites, Marine, Bonding


Manny Tesfaye is an expert in composites for marine and land transportation systems. Manny’s responsibilities at SCIGRIP Smarter Adhesives Solutions include developing adhesives, testing, certification and introduction in diverse markets and industries. Manny has extensive knowledge of polymers, composites materials and processing. This is in part due to over 20 years of work in the industry, including 10 years with OCF, and a combined 10 years as M&P engineer at Boston Whaler and OMC Group, both fiberglass boat manufacturers. Manny has a B. S. and M. S. in Civil and Structural Engineering from Howard University, USA and has presented and published technical papers globally.