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Helen Creagh

Topic: Navigating through workplace injuries- best practice and practical tips for employers

Presented by Mrs Helen Creagh, Customer Experience Manager, WorkCover Queensland


Workers in the manufacturing sector are exposed to high risk activities every day. Even with the best training, safety policies and experience, injuries can happen which may require rehabilitation and/or alternative duties before a sustainable return to work.

In the 2015-2016 financial year, over 11,300 claims were lodged with WorkCover Queensland by manufacturing workers. These claims cost the scheme over $82.2M in compensation payments and resulted in an average on 23 days off work for every claim.
The most common injuries sustained by Queensland manufacturing workers originated from musculoskeletal injuries (43%) and lacerations/foreign bodies (31%) and whilst some of these injuries can appear to be “minor” in nature, they often come with hidden costs to your business which can include impact to production and delivery time frames, wage costs and impact on morale.

This presentation will provide practical information to support employers through the workers compensation process and will focus on best practice return to work including contemporary research and practical tips following a work place injury.

Keywords: Manufacturing; Injuries; Return to work

About the presenter

Helen Creagh is a customer experience manager with WorkCover Queensland. Her portfolio specialises in manufacturing, specifically composites, cement, concrete and aggregates.