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Dr Floreana Coman

Topic: The art and science of employing carbon and other reinforcing tows to shape composites in the future

Presented by Dr Floreana Coman, Managing Director FCST Pty Ltd


There is a growing interest in the carbon tows destined for fibre reinforced composite materials due to a widening demand beyond traditional aerospace applications.  We started to understand more about carbon tow’s science since the arrival of new manufacturers on the global market and the widening circle of specialised scientists in this field.   There are, still, key factors limiting the expansion of carbon fibre composites within the broader community including the lack of   composites materials knowledge and tendency to use more well established and understood fabrics and tows.

This paper will review the latest manufacturing techniques to convert the carbon and other reinforcing tows into substrates suitable for a wider range of Fibre Reinforced Composite Materials, highlighting the advantages over traditional materials.

Key words: Reinforced Composite Materials, 3D textiles, 2D Smart Textiles, Interlaminar shear strength

About the Presenter

Based in Australia, Dr Floreana Coman has an international background  and extensive experience in high-tech industries – most notably in the textile and composite industries.  From early in her career she has gained considerable experience in, and maintains a strong connection to, the aerospace sector. Her materials and processes expertise include leading design and manufacturing of structural preforms and prepregs  for composite materials; complex structures for a range of defence applications; and high performance sporting equipment.

Her research and development capabilities led to inventions related to materials and process technologies,  including UV curing resins and preforms for composite materials. 

Dr Coman is an Adjunct Professor in RMIT’s School of Engineering.