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Dr Michael Heitzmann

Topic:  High Temperature Composites: A Parallel Universe

Presented by: Dr Michael Heitzmann, Group Leader Composite Materials and Processes, The University of Queensland


High temperature composite materials form somewhat of a parallel universe to traditional fibre reinforced plastics. On one hand, many aspects of high temperature composites feel immediately familiar to anyone dealing with fibre reinforced plastics but on the other hand, equally many aspects are completely different and often exactly the opposite to what one is used to.

This presentation attempts to provide an introduction to the exciting universe of high temperature composite materials. The first part of the presentation will focus on available material options and their process routes. Composite materials covered will range from high temperature polymer resins to ceramic matric composites. The second part of the presentation will focus on the challenges and opportunities of high temperature composite materials. This includes a discussion of emerging applications as well an analysis of challenges from an Australian research organisation’s view point. 

Key words: Ceramic matrix composites, High temperature composites, Composite materials & processes

About the presenter

Dr Michael Heitzmann is the group leader of the Composite Materials & Processes Group at The University of Queensland. Under Michael’s leadership the group has rapidly expanded and now covers a diverse portfolio of composite materials research. The primary research focus is devoted to the four areas: short cycle time processes, high temperature composites, bio-composites and product innovation. The strong emphasis on industry relevant research is reflected through high profile collaborations with industry and government agencies such as SABIC, Crimsafe, Airbus Group Australia Pacific, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries or the Defence Science and Technology Group.