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Dr Lucy Cranitch

Topic: Selling Composites – Answers to common customer questions

Presented by: Dr Lucy Cranitch, Materials Scientist and Director of PATH a technical consultancy for polymers: composites, fibreglass, plastics, rubber, coatings and linings.


Those of us in the industry know what great products are made from composite materials. However, new customers have common concerns. If we address these with answers that give technical details presented in clear, eye catching ways, we are well on our way to selling our products. This is a presentation that you can take away from the conference and send to your customers. Why do I want composites? What are composites? Are there standards and codes? How do I know I’ll get a good quality product? How long will it last? This presentation addresses these common questions and more on health hazards, durability in sunlight, corrosion, inspection, repair, fire and environmental impact. 

About the presenter

Dr Lucy Cranitch is a polymer chemist with 18 years of experience in industry specialising in composites in the water, waste, desalination, mining, minerals processing, chemical, oil and gas industries. With an understanding of degradation mechanisms, Lucy’s aim is to assist people building or running industrial plants to achieve the design life and limit the maintenance of assets. Her main activities are selecting materials for new builds and assessing the condition of existing assets. Lucy is the director of the materials consulting company, PATH and has previously worked for the materials supplier Huntsman and engineering consulting companies MPT and GHD.