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Awesome tour of Compass Pools – Tomago, NSW

1 December 2018

It was a pleasure to tour Compass Pools (CPA) 21,500m² manufacturing site in the regional town of Tomago NSW in August. Since 1980, over 40,000 CPA swimming pools have been installed across Australia and NZ. The company’s R&D and patent strategies continue to serve it well, particularly its development of ceramic core and Biluminite™ pool shell technology that uses a dual-layer approach to create a 3D effect when a pool is filled with water.

Delegates and hosts touring the Compass Pools state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Tomago, NSW.

CEO, Anthony Cross provided delegates with an insight into how CPA and its team are responding to a market searching for unique, personalise swimming pool experiences likely to require bespoke add-on components and interconnectivity. The options for colour and add-ons is ever expanding.

Delivery solutions across our vast country are also being initiated by the company every day. “Freighting a pool that can be over 12 metres long by road takes logistical practice, and a discipline that we take seriously,” advised Anthony.

The Compass Pools team showered delegates with hospitality and were generous with their knowledge for which we are grateful.

There are over 800,000 swimming pools in Australia, half of which are likely to be made from fibreglass.

This article first appeared in:

Connection Magazine

Issue 49: December, 2018

Author: Kerryn Caulfield

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